Our Vision

It is our vision to save and improve people’s lives through a state of the art supply chain collaboration platform, that provides real time insights and enables new ways of working in disaster management.


A team of passionate SAP colleagues that committed to building something that SAP is best at: a disaster relief supply chain collaboration platform, or in short Relief.iO. With the platform, we like to impact the future of the 140 million people that are affected every year by sudden onset natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and typhoons. We are based in South East Asia, a part of the world where disasters make daily headlines. We are a fully funded, SAP internal start-up, that emerged out of SAP’s  One Billion Lives program in 2017.



  • Lack of transparency & visibility between humanitarian organizations: duplication of disaster relief efforts, while other needs remain open
  • Lack of collaboration between humanitarian organizations: supply chain inefficiencies, higher cost, less speed
  • Lack of donor trust: shortage of donations and too much ‘earmarking’



Relief.iO venture aims to create a shared platform with sophisticated technology where real time insights are mapped to the needs and accompanying humanitarian activities. These insights can be consolidated and shared with everyone involved in the relief work; providing transparency and enabling collaboration to increase cost efficiency, speed and impact in the disaster zone.

We are currently working on 3 major projects under the Relief.iO venture:

  • Relief Collaboration through an activity tracker – allows NGOs to plan and share relief activities and identify collaboration opportunities
  • Relief Sourcing through a Disaster Relief Supplier Network – leverages SAP Ariba to reduce cost and increase speed for goods and services supplied to people in need
  • Relief Reporting through the “4W Wizard” – helps the UN OCHA to coordinate and report on disaster relief activities across all NGOs